The Challenger Carpet Cruzer


Dry carpets in every room quickly – even the stairs!

Effective & Fast




Two of the most asked questions from your carpet cleaning clients:
1) How much does the cleaning cost?
2) How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

What if you could tell your customers:
‘Your carpets will be dry BEFORE WE LEAVE’



With the latest innovation in carpet cleaning: The Challenger Carpet Cruzer.

The Challenger Carpet Cruzer uses a Surface-to-Surface (STS) Hot air drying system to dry carpets lightning fast.

Dry carpets in every room quickly – even the stairs!

The Most Asked Questions in the Cleaning Industry

How much will my cleaning cost?
You present the quote as to what your work is worth.
How long will my carpets take to dry?
It can be dry before we leave your home.

With the industry’s latest innovation with the Challenger Carpet Cruzer surface to surface hot air drying system. You can dry carpets & stairs and be paid well.

Earn more revenue and reduce operating costs because each job is not complete unless it is dried.


Joe showed me his carpet drying machine and I was incredibly impressed. As a carpet cleaning technician myself, I can see the value this machine brings to the market. So often as carpet cleaners, we are in and out relatively quickly but the carpets remain wet and homeowners and businesses need to wait considerable time for their carpets to dry. With Joe’s machines, carpets can be dried before the technician leaves the property, meaning that life or business can resume immediately! Bravo to Joe and his team who have invented an incredible product to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry!

– Gordon

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